These top crypto companies sponsored Portsmouth Crypto through 2018, bringing workshops & consultations to hundreds of businesses and individuals.

Cryptobates Group:

CryptoBatesGroup was founded in 2015 by Adam Rizvi, to bring together a wide range of projects across the crypto-space under one roof. CryptoBatesGroups first project dates back to 2012 when Adam first viewed the crypto-space from a business point of view.

CryptoBatesGroup works to develop and grow the cryptocurrency eco-system through projects and training, hoping to blend cryptocurrencies seamlessly into everyday life.

Projects created and supported by CryptoBatesGroup include CoinFestUK, CryptoGrabber, BitcoinBadges, BitBrighton, BitBrum and CryptoGiveaways. CryptoBatesGroup also has various partnerships and advisory roles in the crypto-space.

Crown Tech Ltd:

The Crown project aims to become a global payment, messaging and application platform enabling developers to build complex new economy applications and offer an efficient low transaction cost platform to store value, register ownership and manage contractual relationships.

Twitter: @crowntechltd

Website: www.cts.media


Thanks to this sponsorship, Portsmouth Crypto has been able to provide:


Public Workshops for beginners


Private Workshops for businesses


Hours of one to one consultations to individuals & businesses for free


Bitcoin Beach BBQ!