These are events, past and future, attended by or organised by Portsmouth Crypto.

Meet Ups:

Portsmouth Crypto hosts regular (usually) monthly meet ups via the Meet Up app since February 2017.

Usually informal social events these meet ups are for every level, either new to the community or old hands, as well as business owners in the industry.

There are not usually tickets, most events occur in The White Horse in Southsea, though they have also happened in other pubs, on the beach(!) hopefully in 2019 we'll feature meet ups in a number of new and interesting locations.

Workshops & Courses:

Thanks to sponsorship from Cryptobates Group ( and Crown Tech ( workshops, both private and public and consultations, with business owners and individuals hasve been largely free.

Workshops have been held in Portsmouth, Southampton, Guildford, Bristol, Brighton, Bournemouth and Winchester thorugh 2018, including public events and events for business owners and individuals.


Portsmouth Crypto has been responsible for running workshops at a number of industry events, as well as attending others as a visitor.

Events include Coinfest 2016/17/18, BitBrighton 2017/2018, BitBrum 2017, The Datanet Mining Summit in 2018, The Institute of Directors Open House event in 2018, The Brighton Digitasl Festival in 2017 & Chainges in Amsterdamn in 2018