High quality cold storage digital currency wallets and cryptocurrency merchandise

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BitStashers premier product, these gorgeous credit card sized wallets are avilable either as Stainless Steel or in a range of colours when you purchase aluminium.

As with all BitStashers wallets these are BIP38 encrypted. You can enstrust the BitStashers team to create your public/private key pair, or using this paper wallet generater you can quickly create your own BIP38 encrypted private keys, for added security.

Once the BitStashers team have your public and encrypted private keys they can etch them to your choice of card.

BitStashers also allow for custom designs. They'll communicate directly with you to ensure you receive the product you dream of owning!

BitStashers also sell these awesome Wearable Wealth T-shirts. These shirts are literally wallets, just like our metal ones, with the public key on the front and the encrypted private key on the back.

It is recommended, given the nature of the printing process and the way clothes can fade, that these aren't the ONLY copy of the keys you have available, but then, the back ups rule applies regardless of how you store your crypto.

Available from small to extra large and with a variety of coin logos, including Litecoin, Dash & Crown, these T-shirts are a great way to show the versatility of cryptocurrencies.

Amongst their other merchandise lines are these quirky funny T-shirts, featuring funny comments relevant to the crypto community. Expect more lines to be added through 2019.

They're an ideal conversation opener at a party, pub or other social event.

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