My journey in to Bitcoin and Digital Currency began in February 2013, when the industry was small enough that you might be able to know everthing that was happening and before the big money moved in, when everything was still very new and known only to a very small number of people.

After many hours of discussion on forums, one in particular, where we mulled over everything that needed to happen and everything that needed to be done to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream, I decided one day I was going to stop talking and start doing.

In January 2015 Portsmouth Crypto was born, with the crazy idea that I could forge a business and create a market in an industry that had hardly begun to exist.

I knew there was going to be a need for experts who could help guide new comers to the crypto community as well as a need for easy access to buy/sell cryptocurrency so I resolved to provide education, an ATM and work on merchant adoption.

As it turned out, I brought the first Bitcoin ATM to Portsmouth, the first in Hampshires history and I began offering workshops and consultations, even getting the first Portmsouth based charity signed up to accept bitcoin donations.

I've worked, since then, all over the country, providing workshops at industry and private events, private consultations with individuals and businesses & public talks at events such as the IOD Open House and the Brighton Digital Festival, and have helped many hundreds of people take their first steps in to the world of crypto with confidence.

I've also provided workshops at industry events including CoinFestUK 2016/17/18, and at the BitBrighton & BitBrum events.

Throughout 2018 I hosted a series of roving workshops around the country, working with other great educators in the field. These workshops are sponsored by CryptoBates Group and Crown Tech, with other sponors on several events.

Every month I organise and run a local Bitcoin and Crypto Meetup in Portsmouth, with ocassional roundtable discussions on specific crypto subjects and social events in other locations.

It has been my pleasure, though chance, to come to co-own the BitStashers brand, a business I loved from its inception, where you can buy, amongst other things, Laser Etched Metal Wallets for storing your cryptocurrencies and Wearable Wealth T-Shirts.

In March this year I launched Orion Rigs, in association with an old friend who mined cryptos as far back as 2014, where we're offering education packages, mining rigs, links to pools and hosting offers as part of an all round deal to help you with every aspect of mining crypto.

Keep an eye out, through 2019, for hints of two major new projects, which promises to be my biggest yet.

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image of Matthew Baldock, founder of Portsmouth Cryto
Matthew Baldock
Founder of Portsmouth Crypto
Portrait shot by Bonnie Photography