Below are pools recommended by Portsmouth Crypto. All you need is the right software, and a wallet on which to store your funds. For storage which makes it easy to redeem your mined coins for cash via our Bitcoin ATM it is recomended that you choose from one of these, for storage on your PC it is recommended that you set up a wallet here and for offline cold storage the best idea, before you're able to acquire a BitStashers etched metal wallet, is one of these. If you mine for anything other than Bitcoin you will require either a direct download of the appropriate wallet software, a Coinomi wallet or a paper wallet.

To mine for Bitcoin (indirectly) using a CPU, GPU or Scrypt ASIC (specific software rules apply for ASICs):

To get started quickly and easily download and run this easy to use mining software from Nicehash. Once you've unzipped the file, open the folder and launch the program by clicking on the NicehashMiner.exe file. Once it is open look at the second bar from the top ("Bitcoin address"). This is where you'll need to enter your wallet address. Then you simply hit start (center right). That's it, that's all there is to it. Your computer is now using whatever CPU and GPU capacity it has available to provide power to various alt coin networks, and you're getting paid in Bitcoin.

Should you wish to donate some computing power towards Portsmouth Crypto, use this address in the "Bitcoin address" field: 1JnpxghRVmGipRnqxANdjLnpWMbF6ZoV1N

You may wish to donate some idle computing power to Charity. If so we recommend these three. Simply paste their address in to the software instead of your Bitcoin address.

1PZ5ebvdt43dvRRgRNgBhsq2PwAKN4X6W - RNLI

1BBE28NPv7Tb2KgoPjU6kLmTndBbTTR83N - Aspex Art Gallery

19p8K46YGhqo6447ezbLhGP16sp1oxs7yW - Community Fusion

To check how much you've managed to make mining at any time, click "Help me find my miner! Click here." in the field below and enter your address.