Getting started

The aim of this guide is to take you through those first few basics, to make using digital currency easy to understand. You'll be walked through, step by step and by the end you'll have your first small bit of digital currency in your own wallet, at no cost or risk to you.

If you want to know more, get in touch. This guide only scratches the surface, so that what you read later makes sense in the context of something you've already done.

To get going, you're going to need a wallet. If you're confused, don't worry, just take my word for it for now and click here.

The above link opened in a new tab so that you could keep referring back to this guide. Now all you need to do is fill in the form, the same as any other website.

The info in the first field in mandatory, the second set of options (to the right on desktops, below on mobiles) is optional. When you're done, click the blue Next Step button at the bottom.

Once you've moved on to the second page you'll see a load more fields to fill in. Don't panic! This is why you're reading this guide!

The first box asks you to select a blockchain. Don't worry about what that means, simply click the box and select Dogecoin from the dropdown menu.

Add a name for this account (Doge should do it), add password and repeat. Again, the fields on the right (or below if you're on mobile) are optional. The more security options you use the more secure your account will be, but you must be able to recreate all of these steps exactly if you have to reset your device and wish to regain access to any funds stored there.

Once you've completed the forms you account will be created and you'll see a screen that looks like the image to the left (that'll be just above if you're viewing this on mobile).

For the purposes of this guide you don't need to know or understand everything that you can see on this page, so don't worry if you don't!

In the account view you can see the account name, the blockchain it's on, the address, transaction count and balance. Using the left mousebutton (or a long finger press if on mobile and depending on your device) highlight the address, which looks like a string of random letters and numbers. Right click while hovering over the highlighted text and select copy. You'll be needing this bit in a minute.

So what have you just achieved? You've created a digital currency wallet, which is where digital currencies are stored. There are multiple variations on the theme, with varying degrees of additional functionality, but since this guide isn't about them we're going to focus on putting something in your wallet, so it doesn't look so empty.

So, let's get you some digital coins to put in your wallet. Click here (again, this has opened in another tab so that you can keep coming back here for reference and to continue the guide.) and fill in the fields required.

Once you've entered your email address and a password, in the third box you can see it asks for your dogecoin address. This is what you copied from the address field on the wallet page. Go back there and copy it again if you don't still have it ready, then enter it into that third field and click sign up!

You can log into this account from any internet enabled device and the faucet can be used up to once per hour, so any time you want to top your balance up, simply go back to the site, and follow the next instructions.

Once you can see this page click the green button which says CLAIM YOUR FREE DOGE NOW! A capture will appear, simply click the box to state you are not a robot

In the top right of the screen you will see that you now have a balance of several DOGE.

What we want to do now is withdraw those coins to your wallet, so that they are secured on your computer or mobile device and are therefore yours to move and spend as you wish. Simply click the green WITHDRAW button toward the top of the page, right next to the DEPOSIT button.

Click the blue INSTANT button.

Click (or press) the withdraw button at the bottom of the box.

And that's it! You now have your first bit of digital currency in your own wallet, on your own device! It'll take a few minutes for the network to update, so make yourself a cuppa and when you get back refresh your wallet page to see your new balance.

So, what can you do with it?

Well, one of the reasons to use doge for this demonstration is that it can be instantly redeemed and used. In the near future there'll be a step by step guide to using the wallet. If you feel comfortable using it, click here for an online casino which allows you to use your dogecoin to gamble on a range of different traditional casino games. You never know, you may win, and because it's from a faucet it's a totally free bet!

Alternatively, you can now create a paper wallet to store your dogecoins on. A further guide will be added soon to take you through that process step by step.