Coloured Coins

Coloured coins, otherwise known as "smart assets", are tokens which are created by adding a small amount of data to a bitcoin transaction.

To use smart assets special wallets were created which understand that data and can display it. If you are on Android you'll want to use this download, if you are on any other OS you'll need to use the web wallet, or for users who want advanced functionality, this wallet from Get Hashing.


The following are examples of community managed smart assets that use the open assets protocol. There are more use cases for this technology (as mentioned in the video above) and recently NASDAQ initiated it's first ever Smart Asset exchange of a companies shares.


GHX are smart assets created by the team behind Get Hashing, creators of the GHforums and GHcloud as well as the first decentralised smart asset exchange, GHxchange.

Each GHX represents 10ghs of mining power hosted at the Get hashing data centre. These assets, as well as being backed by verifiable mining power also recieve payouts from adverts displayed across the Get Hashing network, sale of POS coins held by the Get Hashing team, a rebate from fees collected on the GHxchange platform and mining rig rentals.

For more information about the Get Hashing smart asset, visit here: Get Hashing Forum.


Each MNX token represents a single DASH coin held in a DASH masternode. These masternodes operate like the TOR network, moving a transaction through multiple nodes before reaching its destination, providing a level of anonymity which is currencly unavailable for Bitcoin transactions.

Every time an anonymous transaction is made on the DASH network the masternodes recieve a share of the network fee, as motivation for operating the node and strengthening the network. These payouts are paid monthly to the owners of MNX via the person responsible for managing this community owned masternode.

For more information about the MNX smart asset, visit here: Get Hashing Forum. The performance of the masternode can be tracked here: Dash Ninja.


ACMT stands for Artist Colony Mining Token. It was created to be distributed to artists who often find making a living from their work difficult. It offers an opportunity for artists to earn a little spare change to help them in their day to day lives.

It is run with weekly payouts from mining power which is owned by it's founder, who can be contacted here and here with more competitions in the pipeline for the future.