High quality cold storage digital currency wallets

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BitStashers premier product, these gorgeous credit card sized wallets are avilable either as Stainless Steel or in a range of colours when you purchase aluminium.

As with all BitStashers wallets these are BIP38 encrypted. You can enstrust the BitStashers team to create your public/private key pair, or using this paper wallet generater you can quickly create your own BIP38 encrypted private keys, for added security.

Once the BitStashers team have your public and encrypted private keys they can etch them to your choice of card.

BitStashers also allow for custom designs. They'll communicate directly with you to ensure you receive the product you dream of owning!

BitStashers also create these beautiful dog tags which are also available in a range of colours.

They can be etched both sides, so you can have a custom image on the opposite side to your public/private key

Each set of dog tags stores the public key on one tag and the BIP38 encrypted private key on the other. It is also posible to etch a third tag, for instance, if you wish to store coloured coins.

These beautiful bottle openers are the newest product line from BitStashers, launched in August 2016.

They're an ideal conversation opener at a party, pub or other social event. They're a great way to be able to accept Bitcoin from others and they're as durable as all other BitStashers products. You coulnd't open a bottle of beer with a paper wallet!

The public key is supplied on the bottle opener itself, while the BIP38 encrypted private key is stored seperately on a keychain and dog tag.