My journey in to Bitcoin and Digital Currency began in February 2013, when the industry was small enough that you might be able to know everthing that was happening and before the big money moved in, when everything was still very new and known only to a very small number of people.

I come from a background working in Mental Health care and as services local to me began to shrink I found myself looking for a new focus for my attention and effort. I recognised that there was a space in the market providing specialist knowedge of our new industry to people who may be curious but unsure of where to start and so resolved to build out local ecosystems and provide education and advice services to those who were interested.

I've worked with university students, charities, businesses and writers, providing them with information and have attended conferences around the UK as well as providing a roving workshop in towns and cities around the country in partnership with InspiringCo Ltd and Bitcoin Manchester.

Since the start of 2017 there has been a noticable increase in interest and I've been more busy than ever. I'm now preparing next years workshops and developing suitable course material to help anyone around the UK run similar workshops which aim to help guide people through the very basics of the Bitcoin and blockchain industry.

I've been arranging quaterly Hamsphire Bitcoin meetups as well as the number of local bitcoiners begins to grow. Follow me on Twitter for the latest news and info on the next get together.

I've also, as of April 2017, taken on co-ownership of BitStashers, a business I've supported since it's inception and whose products I've always seen great value in. It's amazing to be able to say that since founding member Mike left, I've managed to restart production, expand on our product range and make deals so that as we move through 2018 and 2019 the BitStashers brand will continue to grow in popularity and prominence in the bitcoin community.

As we move towards the tail end of 2017 I'll be continuing to work and increase the number of services available on the Portsmouth Crypto site as well as launching new opportunities and methods for people looking for an easy way to get involved in this rapidly growing industry. Stay tuned for updates via twitter, facebook and my blog!

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image of Matthew Baldock, founder of Portsmouth Cryto
Matthew Baldock
Founder of Portsmouth Crypto
Portrait shot by Bonnie Photography