I became interested in Bitcoin and digital currency in February 2013 and spent a large amount of time since absorbed in the news, changes and events of the industry which had become so fascinating to me.

I come from a background working in Mental Health care and as services local to me began to shrink I found myself looking for a new focus for my attention and effort. I recognised that there was a space in the market providing specialist knowedge of our new industry to people who may be curious but unsure of where to start and so resolved to build out local ecosystems and provide education and advice services to those who were interested.

I've worked with university students, charities, businesses and writers, providing them with information and in April 2016 I attended CoinFestUK at MadLabs in Manchester to provide Bitcoin education sessions for newcomers to the community.

Just over a year later and the local ecosystem has grown, there are more users than ever before and the Portsmouth Crypto platform has grown massively, offering everything people need to get started with this technology under one roof. Visitors can now acquire, store and spend Bitcoin and digital currency via this site, with access to further information and help should they need it.

As we move towards the tail end of 2016 I'll be continuing to work and increase the number of services available on the Portsmouth Crypto site as well as launching new opportunities and methods for people looking for an easy way to get involved in this rapidly growing industry. Stay tuned for updates via twitter, facebook and my blog!

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image of Matthew Baldock, founder of Portsmouth Cryto
Matthew Baldock
Founder of Portsmouth Crypto
Portrait shot by Bonnie Photography